Crypto Money Themed Game! – Cryptomania Slots

Cryptomania slot game is a very interesting and unique slot game with the latest crypto money theme from our favorite provider Joker123. This online slot game will provide a fun and very profitable slot playing experience for the players! With the biggest jackpot in this game of 100,000x the value of your bet! The players will definitely be tempted to immediately play this unique game!

With the stunning background of this slot game , it’s no wonder that this slot game has become one of the favorite games on our slot gambling agent site! Before you can start playing this slot game you have to register first and after successfully registering you can make a deposit via bank transfer, credit, etc. If you have succeeded in becoming our member, then you can be sure that you will get the best service. from U.S!

The One and Only Crypto Money Themed Game! – Cryptomania Joker123 Slots

Cryptomania Joker123 Slots Play Guide
How to play Cryptomania slots is quite easy, players simply determine how much money they will use to bet, after they finish determining the money used to bet, players can immediately play the slots and players can also get the possibility to win the jackpot prize.

This online slot game has as many as 10 paylines that players can achieve, the main requirement to be able to get a jackpot prize is to get a minimum of 3 symbols or more to get a payout. Each symbol in this slot game has its own advantages and players are required to know which symbol can provide the biggest payout.

By knowing which symbols can give the players the biggest results, it is certain that the players can also get a bigger chance of winning too! There are special symbols that can give players more advantages and we will discuss them in the next section of this article.

RTP & Volatilitas
The RTP value given by this one slot game is 95%. Although the rtp value of this slot game is below the average of online slot games in general, its shortcomings can be covered by its very interesting gameplay and of course the payout is no less tempting!

This slot game is one of the favorites of players who play on the trusted agent site, Hobimain! Before playing a slot game, players must really pay attention to the level of the RTP value in a game, because the RTP value plays a role in determining the outcome of a slot game.

The volatility in this interesting slot game is also very high, with a high level of volatility, it is not surprising that many players get a lot of advantages in this one slot gambling game. The players will get the possibility to get a lot of prizes with a very minimal deposit. This one factor is very important for players who want to get more challenge when playing slot games.

The One and Only Crypto Money Themed Game! – Cryptomania Joker123 Slots

Game Bonus Features
As we discussed above, there is a special symbol in this slot game, first we will discuss the scatter symbol, if the player manages to get this one symbol, this symbol serves to give players free spins in slot games.

The scatter symbol in this unique slot game is represented by the gold miner symbol. If the player manages to get the scatter symbol, the player’s chances of being able to get the jackpot will be even greater.

The gambling feature is also a bonus feature provided in this cryptomania slot game game from pragmatic games. In this feature the player will be faced with 2 choices, the player must be able to correctly guess what the color of the closed playing card, red or black. If the player guesses correctly, the payout will be doubled, but if the player fails to guess correctly, the player will not be paid at all.

The Auto spin feature is also available in this slot game, for those of you who are the type of player who is lazy to play manually, you can try using this feature. you only need 1x click then the slot game will automatically spin, many players have managed to get a win when using this feature. We recommend that you give this feature a try once in a while!