How to Get Money From Joker123 Referral Program

Surely friends think that money can only be obtained from bonuses and by playing slot gambling only. Apparently, today there is already a referral program from the joker123 slot gambling site. Referral program is a shortcut to get profits up to tens of millions of rupiah.

This of course depends on how much you intend to do it. And take it easy, because the referral program on the joker123 slot gambling site will not take your money at all. No capital is needed to start getting a referral program on our online slot gambling site. Instead of taking a long time and spending time, let’s dive into the procedures for getting profits at joker123 through the referral program.

How the Referral Program Works
The referral program is the newest feature and has become one of the biggest ways to make money at joker123. Usually the way to get money will require players or spend money or at least will require you to make a deposit.

An example is like a deposit bonus that requires money But apart from that, there is also one more method called the referral program. Referral program is easy to understand and direct. Because conceptually, what you need to do is spread the official link from joker123. Then you can be given a profit of up to 10% for every time someone enters the joker123 slot gambling site.

This 10% money or nominal is given only when another bettor makes a deposit. Then friends who invite will get the commission. This commission is also permanent and you can even withdraw it directly. No need to wait a long time just to withdraw your funds at the joker123 slot gambling site.

With this, players can also experience how to earn money. Many loyal bettors at joker123 have used this feature and invited new players. While inviting new players, you will also receive a balance and can be used to play slot gambling directly.

Using Social Media Accounts To Get Referrals
The best way that has long been used by many people is to use social media. Your goal after getting the link is to spread the link. You want everyone or anyone to know that you are inviting them. Joker123 will give an additional 10% for you and new invited friends. So everyone will benefit when friends use the referral link from joker123.

The most effective social media accounts are Twitter as well as Facebook. But friends can also use other types of social media applications. Examples are like Facebook, Line, Whatsapp, and others. Just post the link and write a little information about the website you want other players to visit.

In a matter of a few minutes, players will visit the joker123 website using the link you provided. As a result, they can claim a 10% prize and you will immediately receive 10%.

The 10% count is directly taken from the amount of the deposit made. For every deposit, for example, Rp. 10 million, you will receive Rp. 1 million. And this is still from 1 other player only. Imagine if friends managed to invite as many as 10 players. Then you can earn up to IDR 10 million per day.

Withdraw Referral Program Joker123
Are you done with inviting and inviting other players? Let’s find out what the next step is. Withdraw as much money as possible according to the amount you want. Withdrawals are very fast, especially for friends who have registered.

All balances from the referral program can be used for 2 things. First, friends can use the money to be withdrawn into your account number. On the other hand, there is also an option where bettors can use money to play slot machines at joker123. Whatever your choice, surely you can become a reliable bettor with us.