The Dark Side of the Poker World

Luxury play syndrome!

If you are not familiar with it, I will explain in my own words what Fancy Play Syndrome means to me and how important it is to understand!

When I play fancy, I often think people are bluffing and outplaying me all the time. This happens more when I shoot at a higher limit. And it happened more in the past than Daftar Casino Bet88 . It was especially bad when I was just starting out and playing $3/6 Limit Hold’em.

I moved from $2/4 and I just thought that suddenly everyone knew what I had. They were superstars and I played like a total ass and lost about $600. I then moved down, discussed my hand playing at $3/6 and got some really helpful advice.

They are not superstars. The players don’t know what to do with me all the time. It was all in my head, it was an illusion created by no one but myself. This has happened a lot in my life. Maybe not in you either – only you know.

Self-created obstacles. They seem external when they are, in fact, internal.
You can combat these things by observing yourself. Look at what you’re going through, your feelings, your thoughts. Did they help you or hurt you? If they don’t help, then ask yourself why? Can you improve yourself? How? If you don’t know, then ask the guy, Google, to do nothing. Take steps to improve yourself, as long as you do that and never stop, you can never fail. You will always succeed.

And I haven’t gotten around to getting rid of my FPS yet, but I’ve been working on it and it’s been improving. I continue to work on every day. So many times, I realize new things I’m doing that aren’t helping me, and I go about searching, reading, and asking how I can improve and change for the better.

Imagine how much you would improve your poker game if you just got into the habit of doing this. It may be difficult at first, but once you have an ingrained habit, it will become second nature. You may not see the changes from day to day, maybe not even month to month, but I promise, if you look back at the years after starting this, you will see improvements, and big ones at that.

“When you ask questions about what can be difficult and what can be difficult, it’s all going to be tough and difficult compared to eating a popsicle but what makes things worthwhile.”
– Richard Bandler

Find people to discuss hands with, preferably someone better than you. Get a coach, read good material, think about the game and, last but not least, PLAY! Experience is the best teacher and don’t worry about making mistakes, because you will. This can be avoided, so enjoy mistakes and learn from them, and then forget about them because there is no point dwelling on them.

Poker88 mistakes look bad to you in the short term, but if you think a bit more long term, you will see that if you learn from these mistakes, they are good, very good for you.